Bow Thrusters is pleased to offer the best bow thrusters on the market. A bow thruster is essential to controlling the movement of a large yacht in situations where precision is key, such as docking maneuvers. Fortunately, they need not be pricey and difficult to install anymore. Unlike expensive models that require large holes drilled in your hull and elaborate installation, the Sideshift thrusters sold by us are easy to set up and reasonably priced.

Sideshift thrusters are mounted at the furthest point forward, whereas traditional bow thrusters are mounted in the hull closer to the center. These thrusters require less thrust to affect movement, and draw less amperage as well. Furthermore, they enable more accurate movement.

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What is a bow thruster?
It is a propulsion device that is conventionally mounted in a tube in the bow of a boat that allows the operator to move the bow in a port or starboard (left or right) direction. It
will drastically improve an operator’s ability to man over a boat which is especially useful when docking, navigating through locks, or operating on windy days.


Bow Thruster Product Line:

SS230 - Boats 20-30ft
SS340 - Boats 30-40ft
SS350 - Boats 40-50ft



Boat Bow Thruster
Clears water on plane

Looking for a Stern Thruster?


  • Clears water on plane
  • Salt or fresh water
  • Easy 5 hour install in water
  • Less drag than inboard thruster
  • Silent operation
  • Less insurance claims
  • Total Control

Pivot Point Advantage:

  • SIDESHIFT is mounted at the farthest point forward unlike conventional bow thrusters that need to be in the hull closer to the center.
  • Requires less thrust.
  • Uses less thrust.
  • Uses less amperage.
  • Maneuvers more accurately


  • Conventional bow thrusters are plagued with weeds, Zebra Mussels and Barnacles. SIDESHIFT does not have this Problem because it is not installed in a pipe.
  • Once a year in the spring check the anodes and change if necessary.

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"I would never have another boat without a Sideshift." - P.B. Plymouth, MN
"It is best investment we made for our boat." - Michelle Quebec, Canada

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